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The illuminate digital management software solution provides you with a one-stop, user-friendly software that is cost-effective while allowing you to easily coordinate your efforts to get the results you strive to achieve. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can manage your contacts and calendar, send emails or SMS text messages, post updates to your social network pages, and much more!

You'll be surprised how easy managing your business and communication can be! We're not your ordinary email service provider!

What are the benefits of using the illuminate digital managements software?


  • Maximize Your Efficiency: Utilize our software for automatic event / appointment reminders, web-based event registration, SMS text messaging, send invoices and collect funds online.
  • Improve Involvement: Get your customers or team members more involved with email marketing, event registration, surveys and more.
  • Easy Website Management: Use our professional webpage templates to customize and control what goes on your website.
  • Manage Your Contacts: Track activities, orders, invoices and much more with our full-featured and affordable CRM.
  • Track Expenses and Recievables: Collect donations or payments online and monitor your expenditures all from within your illuminate digital account.

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